Sympathy for the Devil: Me, Myself and my Fucked-up Brain

Hi everybody, or nobody should I rather say since no one is reading me, and maybe no one ever will.

I needed a space to express my dark and totally nutsy side, the one who likes to play with fire and see if it burns. Mostly because I’m playing with fire right now, and I thought “why not document this magnificent example of stupidity”. It’s so much more fun to be stupid.

The other reason being, I wanted a place where I fucking don’t care about being nice, where I could tell all the bullshits going through my brain – there are a lot I can tell you. My brain being big, there’s a huge space available for all kind of shits.

If you’re accidentally reading this (don’t know how else you could be) and by an unfortunate trick of destiny you happen to be one of my friends, well go out right now before I swat you and call you names, that’s what I intend to do in this blog: say nasty things and curse, and expose my uncontrollable tendency to be a mess. So better leave before being hurt. Ah I’m being nice again, trying to politely warn people, while all I want to say is Hi everybody, go fuck yourself and have fun!

Insanely yours, Nutsy (aka the fucked-brain)


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